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2019 Basketball Season Jan 5 - Mar 9

MAY 2017

2017 Flag Football Championships

Saturday, May 20 @ San Pasqual 


The 2017 Flag Football Championship Day was such a fun and exciting time! The sun was shining bright and the kids were ready to play. There was a lot of great energy throughout the whole day from coaches, players and spectators. It was such a site to see all of the determination and passion as each team entered the field.  Players were hustling hard through every play, jumping high to catch balls and diving to pull flags. There were many competitive games with great sportsmanship to go along with them. Aside from being a full day of competitive flag football we saw some awesome, positive interaction between teams; kids were high fiving, laughing and helping players up, which was a great display of some full out fun and that is what ITS is all about!

The day went on and teams moved forward after playing multiple games but the energy and competition level never simmered, these kids were determined to win a championship. As it came down to the finals all of the teams really played their hearts out! The teams who came out on top were Viejas (A-league), Viejas (B-league), and San Pasqual (C-league), over-all there was great effort from all teams throughout the entire day! 



2017 Flag Football Championship -  DreamCatchers Cheer Performance

Saturday, May 20 @ San Pasqual

The weather wasn’t the only thing blazing this weekend at Championships!  Our DreamCatchers looked fantastic as they strutted out in their new uniforms to “Who Runs the World” and performed a fantastic routine filled with punch, power and precision! The ITS cheerleaders did a fabulous job and we are so proud of them.  Thank you DreamCatchers for all of your hard work, smiles and high energy this season. G-O! Let’s Go DreamCatchers! G-O, let’s go!

April 2017

DreamCatchers Cheer Performance at the 8th Annual 5k Inter-Tribal Sexual Assault Awareness Walk

Sunday, April 30 at San Pasqual


The 8th Annual 5k Inter-Tribal Sexual Assault Awareness Walk was hosted by the Avellaka Program on Sunday April 30th on the San Pasqual Reservation.  The sun was out and the temperature was high, however this did not stop the DreamCatchers from shouting loud and proud throughout the event.  The girls gave encouragement to all who participated in the walk by handing out water and energetically shaking their pom-poms while thunderously cheering, “You can do it! Go Fight Win!”.  The DreamCatchers delivered a stunning and high spirited performance during lunch that caught the eyes of all.

To thank the DreamCatchers for their two years of performing for the Avellaka Walk each cheerleader was presented with a blanket by Wendy Schlater, Avellaka Program Director. We are so proud of you DreamCatchers!


2017 Flag Football Opening Day

Saturday, April 15 at San Pasqual


ITS 2017 Flag Football Opening Day was a huge success!  The youth had an amazing time and showed great sportsmanship throughout the day. ITS was so proud of all the teams that participated. There was so much energy flowing and everyone including kids, parents, coaches, board members, and staff had a blast!

During mid-day we had an opening ceremony, followed by a performance from our DreamCatchers Cheer Group!  The girls cheered loud and proud with energy that hit like lightning!

Thank you to all of the tribes, parents, youth, volunteers and vendors that participated.

ITS would like to give a HUGE thank you to the San Pasqual Tribe for hosting this event. 

2017 Flag Football and Cheer Coaches and Players Camp

Saturday, April 1 at Soboba Oaks Facility

On April 1, 2017 ITS held their 2017 Flag Football and Cheer Coaches and Players Camp at the Soboba Oaks Facility. The camp was open to all ITS participants and the general public. Over 80 individual of all ages participated, with 40 participants being ITS athletes. The Players Camp was facilitated by the USA Football, NFL Network and LA Rams, while the Coaches camp was run by ITS Staff.

During our Flag Football Camp, youth had the chance to participate in 6 different drills, including passing, running and juking, catching, defending, endurance training, and drills on maintaining a stable base when going for a flag. After a short lunch break, youth were encouraged to stay on the field to further improve their game. Before the day ended, all youth were gathered together for a Q&A with Former NFL players, the NFL Network and a Rams Hall of Famer!

Our Cheer Camp was also a success! Our Executive Director, Angelina Renteria, led our girls in a smooth two-hour clinic! They tumbled a bit, learned new motions, perfected cheers and energetically practiced a fresh routine. Please look out for our DreamCatchers, they are going to blow you away!

March 2017

2017 Basketball Championship Day

Sunday, March 12 @ Pechanga Recreation Center

The energy from all of the teams was phenomenal from the minute they entered the gym.  It was such a site to see all of the focus and excitement on their faces as they warmed up and mentally prepared for each game. Throughout the entire day the intensity level was never turned down and you could not only see but feel the passion that each team carried as they have worked so hard all season long leading up to this day. 

After a very successful season and a long day of games, that final championship moment had finally arrived and it was time for the final two teams to battle it out. The last two B-league teams standing were Rincon and San Pasqual 2. Throughout the day you could see how badly each team wanted to enter the final arena and have the chance to win the championship. From the start of the championship game the concentration and energy level were at peak, both teams were ready to go! The offensive game was flowing and the defense was tenacious with both teams battling it out back and forth.  At the beginning of the first half the score was in reach between both teams by just a few points, until Rincon had a few fast breaks and drained a couple of 3-pointers which put them in the lead. This lead did not discourage San Pasqual 2 one bit, rather it challenged them to step up their defensive game to another level and they did exactly that. After shutting down key players, finishing the boards and utilizing great ball movement San Pasqual 2 was right back in the game. At the start of the second half the score was kept close and it stayed that way until the final minutes of the game. As the final moment was getting closer and closer the intensity was higher than ever. While still being a very close game and with less time on their side it was time for one of the teams to step it up. With San Pasqual 2 still applying great ball movement they found an opportunity to drain a 3-pointer and from there the momentum of their game just took off. They were able to gain the lead and finished the game with a victory! Both teams definitely played their heart out and gave it everything that they had. It was such an exciting game to watch!

 Great job to all of the team’s, way to play your heart out!

January 2017


Saturday, January 21 @ Pechanga Recreation Center


Our ITS 2017 Basketball Season kicked off on Saturday January 21, 2017. Opening Day was a huge success and full of exciting games. The turnout was fantastic and everyone there was full of energy, especially the kids. All the teams showed great sportsmanship and excellent teamwork. Everyone was eager to play the very first game of the season. The kid’s faces were in awe when they were about to play which brought a smile to everyone's face as well. The whole experience was amazing and the kids, the parents, and the staff all had a blast. During our opening ceremony Rez Dogg was there to meet the youth and also performed with the ITS Cheer Team.

ITS would like to give a huge thank you to the Pechanga Tribe for letting us use their facility and helping out with this event. ITS would also like to thank all of our participating tribes, youth, volunteers and vendors for coming out and spending the day with ITS!

MARATHON KID: Ready, Set, Run!

Saturday, January 21 @ Pechanga Recreation Center 

Our “Marathon kids” Program Kickoff was such an exciting success on Basketball Opening Day! We had 24 youth, parents, coaches, and ITS Staff competing in a 4 leg relay across 4 basketball courts. It was such a thrill to see the passion and enthusiasm from everyone who was involved including the whole community cheering everyone on from the sidelines. In the end, we had the Rincon Unity Program winning 1st place and youth from the San Jacinto "C" team winning 2nd. Each participant received a Nike Beanie and medals were given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams!

"Marathon Kids" is a grant ITS received through Nike. It is a great way to teach youth how fun running can be, as well as, how vital it is for our bodies in order to be strong and physically healthy. For each marathon (26.2 miles) a kid runs they earn prizes as following: 26.2 Marathon Kids Tshirt, 52.4 Nike Shoelaces, 78.6 Metal Shoelace deubres, and at 104.8 a Marathon Kids Bracelet.


2017 ITS Basketball Players and Coaches Camp

Saturday, January 7 @ Pechanga Recreation Center

Basketball season is officially upon us.  No better way to start the season than with a fun and informative basketball camp.  Players of all ages participated in multi-level skills and competition that helped take their game to another level.  We were fortunate to collaborate with awesome organizations. 

For our introduction phase of camp we had Keith Vasquez from EXOS help warm up players and get their minds focused on succeeding on the basketball court.  Mr. Vasquez is an Inter Tribal Sports Alum that loves to give back and help the youth whenever possible.  

San Diego SOL partnered up with us on our skills component of the players camp. Coach Cleveland and her staff were invited to the Pechanga Recreation Center to teach the players new skills and also showed the older players how to sharpen up their skills.  The SD SOL is a top notch organization. ITS is thankful for their support.

Camp did not end there.  Information was flowing upstairs where the coaches and ITS Staff met to go over the League specifics.  Coaches reviewed all the rules as well as code of conduct for the upcoming basketball season.  This is so important for our league and shows the commitment from our volunteers, without them none of this would be possible.  Great job everyone!  See you on opening day!!!

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