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Coaches Certification

Welcome coaches and team managers to our new online coaches certification. The certification is only valid for that season year and will need to be retaken each year. All coaches and team mangers must register online, complete their coaches certification, and complete their background check (See 300.1 Background Check Policy) in order to receive a coaches badge and be eligible to participate in Inter Tribal Sports (ITS).

Select the link below to begin your certification.

  • The survey must be completed in one go, so please make sure to have 30 minutes to two hours to complete the certification.
  • Once you've completed all sections of the certification, please make sure to register online.
  • All coaches will be given a badge, which will only be receive once the coaches certification and online registration is completed.

If you are having difficulty with the certification or have any questions, please contact the ITS office at (619) 594-4619.  

Now Open:
Golf: Link

Softball: Closed
Soccer: Closed
Basketball: Closed
Flag Football: Closed
Cross Country: Closed

Not Available:

Resource Documents and Videos

Content for Coaching

  • How to Coach Kids: Link
  • Prevent Injury, Enhance Performance Program Videos: Link
  • BSN Coaching Clinic Webinars for ITS Sports: Link
  • Basketball Coaching Manuel by LA84: Link
  • Cross Country Coaching Manuel by LA84: Link
  • Soccer Manuel by LA84: Link
  • United States Golf Association Rules: PDF

Content for Players

  • Not available at this moment.

Content for Parents

  • Not available at this moment

ITS Rules and Policies

Athletic Rules

  • Basketball Rules (Updated 5/16/2023): PDF
  • Cheer Rules (Updated 3/17/20): PDF
  • Flag Football Rules (Updated 12/28/23): PDF
  • Softball Rules (Updated 6/22/20): PDF
  • Soccer Rules (Updated 6/22/20): PDF
  • Cross Country Rules (Updated 6/22/20): PDF
  • Golf Rules (Updated 4/12/21): PDF

Program Policy

  • ITS Program Policy (Updated 6/22/20): PDF
Individual Policy's

  • 100.1 Participant Eligibility (Updated 1/21/20): PDF
  • 100.2 Participant And Team Registration (Updated 1/21/20): PDF
  • 100.3 Age Verification & Records Management (Updated 4/21/20): PDF
  • 100.4 League Uniforms (Updated 1/21/20): PDF
  • 100.5 Player Conduct Policy (Updated 1/21/20): PDF
  • 100.6 Player Transfer Policy (Updated 2/18/20): PDF
  • 200.1 Coach Responsibilities (Updated 2/18/20): PDF 
  • 200.2 Coach Certification (Updated 2/18/20): PDF  
  • 200.3 Coach Conduct (Updated 2/18/20): PDF 
  • 200.4 ID Badge (Updated 4/21/20): PDF
  • 300.1 Background Check (New Policy as of 12/17/19): PDF
  • 500.1 Officials Code of Conduct & Ethics (Updated 4/21/20): PDF
  • 600.1 Host Site Duties & Responsibilities (Updated 3/17/20): PDF
  • 600.2 Weather Conditions(Updated 3/17/20): PDF
  • 600.3 Game Day Check-In (Updated 4/21/20): PDF
  • 600.4 Officials League Rues (Updated 5/19/20): PDF
  • 600.5 Late Arriving Teams (Updated 5/19/20): PDF
  • 600.6 Game Cancellations & Forfeitures (Updated 6/22/20): PDF
  • 600.7 Host Site Change of Locations (Updated 6/22/20): PDF
  • 700.1 Administration of Team California: PDF
  • 700.2 Overnight Chaperone: PDF


General Forms:

  • Official and ITS Staff Evaluation Form: Online Form
  • ITS Incident Report Fillable Form: PDF
  • ITS Accident Report Fillable Form: PDF
  • ITS Witness Statement Fillable Form: PDF


Team Managers

  • Team Registration Form (Updated March 2020): PDF
  • Uniform Order Form (Updated January 2020): PDF
  • ITS Uniform Checkout Form - To help with uniform distribution(Updated January 2020): PDF
  • How to Registering Players and Coaches - New Accounts: PDF
  • How to Registering Players and Coaches - Old Accounts, New Users: PDF


  • Player Protest Form: Online Form
  • +18 Years Conduct Agreement and Understanding Form (Mandatory): PDF

ITS Library

ITS is proud to announce the opening of our ITS Library. If you wish to borrow a book, please use our checkout form down below. Please contact the ITS office for any questions.

ITS Library: Website
ITS Library Checkout Form: Link
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