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Rez Dogg's House

A Dog’s Life On the Rez 


The Early Years:

As a puppy, Rez Dogg roamed the rez’s of southern California with his pack of a dozen, or so, other mutts. He and his pals might be considered mischievous, but they kept themselves out of trouble for the most part. Their daily mission was to search high and low for that half-eaten hot dog or the popcorn that was left under the bleachers at the ballpark. As Rez Dogg grew older and his pack grew larger, the dog catcher was sent out to round up the trouble makers. He wasn’t able to catch all of them and Rez Dogg was one of the unlucky ones, or so he thought.

Little did Rez Dogg know, that he was destined for a life of fame and an unlimited supply bleacher scraps. In desperate need of a mascot to call their own, Inter Tribal Sports gladly adopted Rez Dogg in August 2010. He was officially introduced as a new member of the ITS family and was even presented with his very own ITS swag! Today, Rez Dogg is the most loved and famous dog on the rez!

Unruly Teenage Pup:

Rez Dogg, like many teenage pups, thought that he could eat whatever he wanted with no consequences to his health and well being. One day during basketball season, he was out hanging with his friends at Torres Martinez begging for a hot dog and some soda. Later that day Rez Dogg was shooting some hoops and felt really sick. From that day forward, Rez Dogg pledged to eat healthy food that would fuel his body for athletic endeavors and everyday life.

From Hot Dogs to Fruit Kabobs:

Rez Dogg then signed up for his first 5K race! He felt so passionate about teaching the youth healthy living that he decided to open up a refreshment stand called Rez Dogg's Refreshments. He serves healthy food to the athletes at ITS in order for them to play thier best during games. He also provides health education during outreach events. His largest appearences are at championships where he provides healthy foods for over 350 youth in one day. He really cares about the youth and wants them to grow up strong and healthy like him!

Rez Dogg's Refreshments:

Since Rez Dogg's pledge to be healthy in 2010 he has accomplished a lot! He has given healthy recipes to the communities, a wellness calendar and you can follow him on his own Facebook page!  He also has BIG plans for the future including  going to tribal schools and bringing sports nutrition to our youth because he beleives that sharing this information about healthy foods is vital to keep his friends healthy.

Read about Rez Dogg and his wellness team in the community

Contact Rez Dogg:

If you would like to know more about Rez Dogg and his committment to healthy living, visit his Facebook page. You can also ask him a question directly or schedule an appearance, please email [email protected].


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