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Health & Wellness


 Facts about Native Health Worldwide:

  • Native Americans are 2.2 times more likely to have diabetes than Caucasians. 
  • Childhood obesity is more than two times more common among Native American/Alaskan Native children (31%) than among any other racial or ethnic group studied.  
  • Native American/ Alaskan Native children ages 2-4 are the only demographic that have seen a continuing increase in obesity levels since 2003. 

Wellness Initiatives

The Inter Tribal Sports Wellness program aims to combat Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity epidemics in our southern California Native American communities by meeting the nutrition and hydration needs of ITS tribal youth/athletes through sports health and nutrition. In 2016, ITS plans to offer health related education activities and snacks/beverages that will increase tribal youth's knowledge and habits for nutritious foods and beverages use during and after sporting activities. In 2016, look for Rez Dogg and his wellness team at community events and game days offering sports-based health and nutrition outreach activities using technology, educational materials, visual tools, healthy snacks/beverages, and discussions. 

Drop Sugary Drinks

Since the completion of our Rez Dogg Refreshments: Community Health Assessment grant funded by Notah Begay III Foundation 2017 “Drop Sugary Drinks!” Grant, we have officially add this Campaign, changing the name to Drop Sugary Drinks, a permanent part of the Rez Dogg Refreshments program. Our community will continue to be given a chance to  try  new  diverse healthy beverages during game days and events. This will hopefully continue to lead our community members to change their "sugary beverage" mentality and make informed decisions regarding the beverages they consume.  

NB3 Report: PDF 

If you would like to know more about Rez Dogg and his commitment to healthy living, contact the ITS office. You can also ask him a question directly or schedule an appearance, just email [email protected].


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